I Got My Questionnairy

DESCRIPTION: "Well I got my questionnairy, and it leads me to the war (x2), Well, I'm leavin', pretty baby, Child, can't do anything at all." "Uncle Sam ain't no woman, but he sure can take your man (x2), Boys, they got them in the service...."
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: war soldier separation infidelity love separation floatingverses
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Courlander-NFM, p. 137, "(I Got My Questionnairy)" (1 text, 1 tune)

Robert Dennis, "Questionnaire Blues" (on USFlorida01)
Draftee's Blues
Uncle Sam Blues
NOTES [112 words]: The blues form of the USFlorida track is aab. The text may be summarized as follows:
I got my questionnairy ready and they need me in the war." "What you gonna do when they send your man to war? Drink muddy water sleep in a hollow log." "She's a mean mistreating mama and she don't mean me no good I'd be the same way if I could."
First verse is modified from Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup "Give Me a 32-20" (Bluebird B9019, 1942)
Second verse is shared with Blind Lemon Jefferson "Wartime Blues" (Paramount 12425, 1926)
Third verse is shared with Tampa Red "Mean Mistreater Blues" (Bluebird B5546, 1934) and Leroy Carr "Mean Mistreater Mama" (Columbia C30496, 1934) - BS, (RBW)
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