Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

DESCRIPTION: "Ezekiel saw the wheel, Way up in the middle of the air... And the big wheel (run/turn) by faith, and the little wheel (run/turn) by the grace of God. (There's) a wheel in a wheel, Way in the middle of the air."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1909 (Dett)
KEYWORDS: religious Bible nonballad
REFERENCES (7 citations):
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cf. "Rock, Chariot, I Told You to Rock"
cf. "John Done Saw That Number"
cf. "A Wheel in a Wheel" (theme)
cf. "I Wouldn't Mind Dying" (Ezekiel's wheel theme)
NOTES [8 words]: This is based on Ezekiel's vision in Ezekiel 1. - RBW
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