Aloha Oe

DESCRIPTION: Hawaiian: "Ha'aheo 'e ka ua i na pali." "Proudly the rain on the cliffs Creeps into the forest." "Farewell to you (x2),... One fond embrace and then I leave To meet again." The singer recalls "sweet memories" and tells the beauties of the place the met
AUTHOR: Queen Liliuokalani
EARLIEST DATE: 1877 (manuscript in Liliuokalani's handwriting)
KEYWORDS: love separation home
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Cohen-AFS2, p. 690, "Aloha Oe (Farewell to You)" (1 Hawaiian text plus English translation)
ADDITIONAL: Margaret Bradford Boni, editor, _Songs of the Gilded Age_, with piano arrangements by Norman Lloyd and illustrations by Lucille Corcos, Golden Press, 1960, pp. 144-145, "Aloha Oe" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #22679
File: CAFS689B

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