Down In Old Franklin County

DESCRIPTION: "It was down in Franklin County, Where they never have the blues, Where the Captain kills the colonel, And the colonel kills the booze." Horses and women there are attractive, but it is a violent place. A daily walk can leave "buckshot in your pants."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1951 (McIntosh-FolkSongsAndSingingGamesofIllinoisOzarks)
KEYWORDS: violence home drink homicide
REFERENCES (2 citations):
McIntosh-FolkSongsAndSingingGamesofIllinoisOzarks, p. 29, "Down in Old Franklin County" (1 short text)
Cohen-AmericanFolkSongsARegionalEncyclopedia2, p. 443, "Down in Old Franklin County" (1 short text)

Roud #14054
NOTES [23 words]: I can't prove it from the extant fragments, but I suspect that this is about moonshine, with a moonshiner killing a revenue officer. - RBW
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File: CAFS443A

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