Battle of Lake Erie, The

DESCRIPTION: "Ye tars of Columbia, give ear to my story, Who fought with brave Perry, where cannons did roar." The Lawrence is badly damaged, but Perry transfers to the Niagara and wins the battle. The song concludes with a toast to Perry
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: probably before 1832 (broadside, Leonard Deming)
KEYWORDS: battle navy America patriotic
Sept 10, 1813 - Battle of Lake Erie. The Americans under Perry defeat the British.
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Thompson-APioneerSongster 51, "Perry's Victory" (1 text)
Salt-BuckeyeHeritage-OhiosHistory, pp. 43-45, "Perry's Victory" (1 text, 1 tune)
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Roud #2826
LOCSinging, as110890, "Perry's Victory" ("Ye Tars of Columbia, give ear to my story"), L. Deming (Boston), no date
cf. "James Bird" [Laws A5] (subject: The Battle of Lake Erie) and references there
NOTES [14 words]: For background on the Battle of Lake Erie, see the notes to "James Bird" [Laws A5]. - RBW
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