Save de Union

DESCRIPTION: "A mighty angry quarrel rose Among the Tariff's friends and foes, And South Ca'lina, in a fit, De Union vows to curse and quit. But save de Union... Old VIrginny never tire." In the quarrel between Calhoun and Clay, Virginia will support the Union
AUTHOR: LeRoy Anderson (source: Richmond Enquirer, Oct. 25, 1833)
EARLIEST DATE: 1833 (Richmond Enquirer, according to Lawrence)
KEYWORDS: political nonballad commerce
1832 - The tariff and nullification controversy. John C. Calhoun, a Democrat firmly in favor of States' Rights, argues that the states can overturn a federal tariff, and South Carolina threatens to secede. Henry Clay, a Whig, supports a tariff to strengthen the economy. Andrew Jackson, although a Democrat himself, will halt the problem by his resolve
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Cohen-AFS1, pp. 295-296, "Old Virginny Never Tire" (1 text)
cf. "Old Virginny Never Tire" (lyrics)
File: CAFS1295

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