Granite Mill Fire, The

DESCRIPTION: "May God, the great Creator With wisdom me provide, Guide and direct my pencil, These few lines to inscribe." The singer tells the tragic scenes of the fire, such as workers leaping to their deaths. He tells others to plan their work better
AUTHOR: A. W. Harmon (according to the broadside)
EARLIEST DATE: 1966 (New Green Mountain Songster); probably published c. 1874
KEYWORDS: fire death disaster
Sept 19, 1874 - Burning of the Granite Mill in Fall River, Massachusetts. The tragedy, in which 20 died, three disappeared, and 36 were injured, was aggravated by the failure to sound a fire alarm for twenty minutes
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Cohen-AmericanFolkSongsARegionalEncyclopedia1, pp. 57-58, "The Granite Mill Fire" (1 text plus a print of a broadside)
cf. "The Burning of the Granite Mill" [Laws G13] (subject)
NOTES [16 words]: A. W. Harmon is also credited with "The Capture of William Wood by the Blackfoot Indians." - RBW
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