Kitchie-Boy, The [Child 252]

DESCRIPTION: A lady reveals her love to a kitchen boy. He begs her not to make it known; her father would kill him. She sends him over the sea; he rebuffs a lady's advances. He returns home in disguise and convinces the father to let him marry his daughter
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1800 (GordonBrown/Rieuwerts)
KEYWORDS: love separation nobility servant disguise marriage reunion return
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (9 citations):
Child 252, "The Kitchie-Boy" (5 texts)
Bronson 252, "The Kitchie-Boy" (3 versions)
BronsonSinging 252, "The Kitchie-Boy" (1 version: #2)
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Roud #105
cf. "Matt Hyland" (plot)
cf. "Richie Story" [Child 232] (plot)
cf. "The Prince of Morocco (The Sailor Boy II)" [Laws N18] (plot)
cf. "Hind Horn" [Child 17] (lyrics)
NOTES [63 words]: Child views this as a "modern 'adaption' of 'King Horn'" (i.e. "Hind Horn," Child 17), from which it derives some stanzas. The plot, however, is by no means identical, sharing elements with a number of other ballads. - RBW
GreigDuncan5 1048C has a connection with "King Horn" not in any of Child's texts: the hero reveals himself by dropping the ring in the lady's wine cup. - BS
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