Baldy Green

DESCRIPTION: "Come listen to my ditty... 'Tis about one Baldy Green... He was a way up six horse driver On Ben Holiday's stage line." Green is halted by robbers, but rather than yielding the gold, he restarts the team. Green is shot; the money is saved
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1958 (Burt)
KEYWORDS: robbery gold horse homicide
May 22, 1865 - Robbing of the Pioneer Stage driven by George E. "Baldy" Green near Silver City
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Burt, pp. 209-210, "(Baldy Green)" (1 text)
Cohen-AFS2, pp. 606-609, "Baldy Green (1 text plus a broadside print)

NOTES [30 words]: Burt claims this incident actually happened, but can offer no supporting evidence, nor even cite the location of the failed robbery. The data on the robbery comes from Cohen. - RBW
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