Come, Birdie, Come

DESCRIPTION: "Beautiful bird of spring has come, Seeking a place to build his home." The singer tells the bird, "Beautiful bird, come live with me," promising, "You shall be free." It will no longer need to roam. "You shall be all the world to me."
AUTHOR: C. A. White
EARLIEST DATE: 1870 (sheet music by White, Smith & Perry)
KEYWORDS: bird love home nonballad
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Browne 102, "Come, Birdie, Come" (1 fragment)
Roud #7545
NOTES [34 words]: Roud seemingly lumps this with "The Little Girl and the Robin," but they are certainly separate; apart from everything else, "The Little Girl and the Robin" ends with the bird being killed by a hunter - RBW
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File: Brne102

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