Sow's Triumph Over the Peelers, The

DESCRIPTION: A Ballaconnell sow wrestles a police sergeant to the street. The army, called for help, is stopped by two goats. The sergeant tries to take the goats to Cavan jail. The pig's ire is renewed. With the goats, she drives the sergeant into hiding
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: before 1881 (broadside, Bodleian 2806 b.10(138))
KEYWORDS: humorous political animal police soldier
Bodleian, 2806 b.10(138), "The Sow's Triumph Over the Peelers" ("Come pray attention for a while, I'll tell you a jest I do protest"), The Poet's Box (Glasgow), 1849-1880
cf. "The World Turned Upside Down" (tune, per broadside Bodleian 2806 b.10(138))
cf. "The Peeler and the Goat" (theme)
cf. "The Monegran Pig Hunt" (theme)
NOTES [62 words]: Zimmermann p. 215: "The success of ['The Peeler and the Goat'] inspired other texts: 'The Peeler and the Sow' (set in County Cavan, the goat also appearing in that ballad) and 'The Dog's Victory on the Peeler' (set in Kilkenny), both of them very inferior to O'Ryan's satire." The present broadside seems compounded from the sow and dog versions described by Zimmermann. - BS
File: BrdSTOtP

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