Nigger and the Bee, The

DESCRIPTION: "Did you ever hear tellof the nigger and the bee?... How the bee stung the nigger and then he stung me." The Black(face) man tells the bee there are other places in the garden to visit. But the bee apparently keeps singing
AUTHOR: Charles H. Sheffer (source: sheet musing in the Library of Congress)
EARLIEST DATE: 1888 (sheet music)
KEYWORDS: bug injury
REFERENCES (1 citation):
BrownSchinhanV 750, "The Nigger and the Bee" (1 text, 1 tune)
Library of Congress/American Memory Collection, "The nigger and the bee song and dance" (Hamilton S. Gordon, New York, 1888)
NOTES [32 words]: Schinhan suggests that this is a minstrel song, and he is almost certainly right; I know of no other traditional versions. The BrownSchinhan version is only a subset of the original text. - RBW
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File: BrS5750

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