William S. Shackleford

DESCRIPTION: "Though I am doomed to be hanged, in March, on the twenty-eighth day, I fear not the dreadful pang." Shackleford claims he did no wrong in murdering (Davis); it was self-defense. He laments that his account was not believed
AUTHOR: William S. Shackleford?
EARLIEST DATE: 1890 (Chatham Record)
KEYWORDS: homicide punishment execution
Nov. 15/16, 1889 - Disappearance of John D. Horton
Nov. 23, 1889 - Discovery of Horton's body, bearing clear evidence of murder
Feb. 1890 - Trial of J. P. Davis (true name: William S. Shackleford) for the murder of Horton
March 28, 1890 - Execution of Davis/Shackleford
REFERENCES (1 citation):
BrownII 293, "Last Words of William Shackleford, Executed in Pittsboro, Chatham Co, March 28, 1890" (1 text; the reputed original text is found in the general introduction to items 293 and 294)
Roud #6649
File: BrII293

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