Braes o' Birniebouzle, The

DESCRIPTION: "Will ye gang wi' me Lassie, To the braes of Birnibouzle?" The singer details all the things he will supply if the girl will wed, and promises that she will be content
AUTHOR: James Hogg (source: Whitelaw)
EARLIEST DATE: 1843 (Whitelaw-BookOfScottishSong); before 1845 (broadside NLScotland, RB.m.168(070))
KEYWORDS: courting promise clothes food dialog nonballad
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Greig/Duncan4 876, "The Braes o Birniebouzle" (3 texts)
Whitelaw-BookOfScottishSong, pp. 509-510, "Birniebouzle" (1 text)

Roud #3343
Bodleian, Harding B 17(37a), "Braes o' Birniebouzle" ("Will ye gang wi' me, lassie"), Sanderson (Edinburgh), 1830-1910
NLScotland, RB.m.168(070), "Braes of Birniebouzle," J. Pitts (London), 1819-1844

cf. "Braes of Tullinmet" (tune, per Whitelaw)
NOTES [63 words]: The broadsides and Greig/Duncan4 876B give one verse to the woman who says her chiefest aim shall be "ever to content ye" and help him fish and farm; even that verse is given to the man in Greig/Duncan4 876A.
"About twenty years ago, this was a popular street song. It was written by the Ettrick Shepherd to the tune of 'Braes of Tullinmet'" (Whitelaw-BookOfScottishSong, 1843). - BS
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