Sugar Babe (III)

DESCRIPTION: Floating verses with internal chorus "this-u morning" and final chorus "My honey babe, my little babe, so sweet." Verses: "Kill me a chicken and bring be the wing." "I got a mule and the mule won't gee." "I took my girl to the crawfish stand...."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1952 (Brown)
KEYWORDS: courting abandonment food floatingverses
REFERENCES (2 citations):
BrownIII 482, "Sugar Babe" (1 text)
BrownSchinhanV 482, "Sugar Babe" (1 tune plus a text excerpt)

NOTES [62 words]: The notes in Brown state, "It seems best to retain this title [which came from the informant] for the present medley, because it is the refrain that gives it such coherence as it has." I'm not sure I agree -- but certainly there is no other single place the song can file, as the verses all appear elsewhere. I suspect they were fitted into an existing blues framework. - RBW
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File: Br3482

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