I Wish That Girl Was Mine

DESCRIPTION: "When I was a little boy, Just eighteen inches high, How I'd hug and kiss those girls To see their mammas cry." "Oh, I wish that girl was mine (x2), The only tune that I can play Is 'I wish that girl was mine.'" Of courting, banjos, and last regrets(?)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1939 (Brown)
KEYWORDS: love courting music
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Brown/Belden/Hudson-FrankCBrownCollectionNCFolklore3 298, "I Wish That Girl Was Mine" (1 text)
Brown/Schinhan-FrankCBrownCollectionNCFolklore5 298, "I Wish That Girl Was Mine" (1 tune plus a text excerpt)

Roud #16859
cf. "Troubled In My Mind" (theme, floating lyrics)
NOTES [28 words]: This may be a variant of "Troubled In My Mind" or one of its relatives, but it has enough unique material (notably the first verse) that I tentatively separate it. - RBW
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File: Br3298

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