Hidi Quili Lodi Quili

DESCRIPTION: "Hidi, quili, lodi, quili, Hidi, quili, quackeo, If you'd a-been as I'd a-been, You would a-been so pretty, o!" (Someone) maakes a song, "heels in the path and toes in the grass, Don't take nothing but a dollar and half."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1913 (Brown)
KEYWORDS: music floatingverses work
REFERENCES (1 citation):
BrownIII 206, "Hidi Quili Lodi Quili" (1 text)
NOTES [81 words]: Listed in Brown as a corn-husking song, but it appears to be more than that. The first two verses look like a song about a migrant singer, or at least a migrant worker who sang, with the first verse being his song.
The third stanza, "The ole fish hawk said to the crow, I hope to the Lord tonight it'll rain; The creeks am muddy and millpond dry; 'Twasn't for tadpoles minnows all die," floats (e.g. from "The Crow Song (I)"); whether it played a role in the original song is unclear. - RBW
File: Br3206

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