Anti-Confederation Song (II)

DESCRIPTION: After 1932 "a foreign gang came over here to rule and gather taxes." Joe Smallwood promotes confederation with Canada. The singer prefers we "man our vessel... with native crew to run her."
AUTHOR: Hughie O'Quinn (according to Bennett-Downey)
EARLIEST DATE: 1980 (Bennett-Downey)
KEYWORDS: Canada patriotic political
1933 - Newfoundland, bankrupt, gives up self-government and accepts a crown-colony style constitution
1949 - Newfoundland unites with Canada after Newfoundlanders vote for confederation; Joseph R. Smallwood is the first provincial premier.
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
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cf. "The Girl I Left Behind Me (II - lyric)" (tune) and references there
File: BeDo067

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