Bowes Tragedy, The

DESCRIPTION: "Let Carthage Queen be no more The subject of our mournful song."Roger Wrightson of Yorkshire courts Martha Railton. The parents oppose the lovers and keep them separate. After a year, he dies of love. She dies soon after. Parents are warned
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1847 (Denham, according to Bell-Combined)
KEYWORDS: love courting separation mother father death reunion burial warning
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Bell-Combined, pp. 326-333, "The Bowes Tragedy" (1 text)
ST BeCo326 (Partial)
NOTES [26 words]: The "Carthage Queen" of the first line is Dido, who died for love of Aeneas. that reference alone seems to prove that this is not of traditional origin.... - RBW
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File: BeCo326

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