Never Take the Horseshoe from the Door

DESCRIPTION: Singer, an Irishman, admonishes listeners to always keep a horseshoe over the door, and lists misfortunes that befell him when he failed to do so, including his wife's "bringing in a horde of her relations."
AUTHOR: Words: Edward Harrigan/Music: Dave Braham
EARLIEST DATE: 1880 (sheet music published by Wm. A. Pond & Co, New York)
KEYWORDS: humorous family magic
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Beck 85, "Never Take the Horseshoe from the Door" (1 text)
Roud #8839
cf. "The Mule (Never Take the Hindshoe from a Mule)," which is a parody of this song
NOTES [28 words]: The version in Beck is fragmentary; I suspect the original is a good deal longer. - PJS
For background on Harrigan and Braham, see the notes to "Babies on Our Block." - RBW
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File: Be085

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