Dick Derrick's Rear

DESCRIPTION: The song lists the men who ran logs for foreman Dick Derrick. One, a "mossback" (farmer), shoves his girlfriend through a window; another falls in the creek.
AUTHOR: Plumb Bob Jack and cohorts (?)
EARLIEST DATE: 1941 (Beck-SongsOfTheMichiganLumberjacks)
KEYWORDS: lumbering work moniker humorous nonballad logger drink
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Beck-SongsOfTheMichiganLumberjacks 66, "Dick Derrick's Rear" (1 text)
Beck-LoreOfTheLumberCamps 115, "Dick Derrick's Rear" (1 text)

Roud #8844
NOTES [33 words]: The "moniker song" consists mostly of listing the names of one's compatriots, and perhaps telling humorous vignettes about each; it's common among lumberjacks, hoboes, and probably other groups. - PJS
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File: Be066

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