Down on my Luck

DESCRIPTION: "Wand'ring above a sea of glass, In the soft April weather," the singer neither knows nor cares where he will sleep tonight; he has lost his job to a machine, and is broke. His woman has left him; he is "close to the end of my tether"
AUTHOR: A. R. D. Fairburn (source: Bailey/Roth-ShantiesByTheWay-NZ)
EARLIEST DATE: 1953 (New Zealand Poetry Yearbook, according to Bailey/Roth-ShantiesByTheWay-NZ)
KEYWORDS: hardtimes technology abandonment
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Bailey/Roth-ShantiesByTheWay-NZ, pp. 158-159, "Down on my Luck" (1 text, 1 modern tune)
Colquhoun-NZ-Folksongs-SongOfAYoungCountry, p. 71, "Down on my Luck" (1 text, 1 modern tune)
Garland-FacesInTheFirelight-NZ, pp. 164-165, "(Down On My Luck)" (1 text)

File: BaRo158

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