Fast Pair of Skis, A

DESCRIPTION: "I like to go tramping around Dawson Falls, The climate's superb and the scenery enthrals... When it's cold and you freeze, You can always keep warm with a fast pair of skis." King David, Lot, a dead man newly given wings -- all do better with skis
AUTHOR: Words: Harold William Gretton (source: Bailey/Roth-ShantiesByTheWay-NZ)
EARLIEST DATE: 1967 (Bailey/Roth-ShantiesByTheWay-NZ)
KEYWORDS: sports humorous
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Bailey/Roth-ShantiesByTheWay-NZ, p. 145, "A Fast Pair of Skis" (1 text, tune referenced)
Cleveland-NZ-GreatNewZealandSongbook, p. 83, "A Fast Pair of Skis" (1 text, 1 tune)

cf. "Vilikens and his Dinah (William and Dinah) [Laws M31A/B]" (tune & meter) and references there
File: BaRo145

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