Escaped Prisoners, The

DESCRIPTION: "In the battered hulk that's anchored off the Waitemata shore, The Maoris used to while the time away." After escaping, they sing, "Kakino Georgy Grey, You have let us get away." They had enjoyed being fed and not working. Friendly natives helped them.
AUTHOR: Words: Charles R. Thatcher (1831-1878)
EARLIEST DATE: 1864 (Wellington New Zealand Advertiser, according to Bailey/Roth-NZ)
KEYWORDS: ship prisoner escape New Zealand
20 Nov 1863 - Battle of Rangiriri between Maoris and Europeans. 183 Maori surrender after their ammunition runs out
11 Sep 1864 - The surviving Maori escape from the prison hulk where they are kept (source: Bailey/Roth-NZ)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Bailey/Roth-NZ, pp. 37-38, "The Escaped Prisoners" (1 text, tune referenced)
cf. Darling Nelly Gray" (tune) and references there
cf. "Fall of Rangiriri" (fate of the Rangiriri prisoners)
NOTES [44 words]: "Kekino Georgy Grey" is George Grey, who has been Governor of New Zealand at various times starting in 1845, and was Premier in 1877-1879. He was out of power at the time of the Maori escape, but presumably his name was used in this song because he was so famous. - RBW
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