Guillannee, La (La Gui-Annee)

DESCRIPTION: A (new year's) revel song, in which the singers demand pork-chine, or else the daughter of the house. Guillannee is mistletoe. In English this becomes "La Gui-Annee"; the singers declare "We've come to ask for mistletoe on this last day of the old year."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1914 (Belden); according to McIntosh, a version was copyrighted by Mrs. Charles P. Johnson in that same year
KEYWORDS: foreignlanguage nonballad party father children
FOUND IN: US(MW, So) Canada(Ont)
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NOTES [35 words]: Botkin offers extensive notes on the Guillannee custom. He quotes Carriere: "The name Guillannée is to be explained as an abbrebiation of gui de l'année, gui de la nouvelle année, New Year's Mistletoe."
The correct title of this song is given as "La Guillannée." - RBW
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