Bebe Hung One On Us

DESCRIPTION: "I am a jolly shanty boy, My age is 17, I am the biggest sucker, I'll bet you've ever seen." His brother Ed is in love with Bebe Sack, and they go to the woods to earn enough to marry her. But she dumps him for another, and has a baby with red hair
AUTHOR: probably E. J. "Pete" Peterson
EARLIEST DATE: 1956 (Beck)
KEYWORDS: love courting betrayal abandonment marriage children
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Beck-TheyKnewPaulBunyan, pp. 212-214, "Bebe Hung One On Us" (1 text)
Roud #31262
NOTES [26 words]: The ending of this, at least, was clearly inspired by "Joe Bowers" [Laws B14], although this doesn't have the adultery motif; the hero is "merely" jilted. - RBW
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