Bill Jones

DESCRIPTION: "'Twas off the coast of Guinea Land, Full sixty leagues from the shore we lay." The sailors suffer horribly at the Captain's hands. Bill Jones calls for mutiny against the Captain. Bill is killed, but he curses the Captain, who is soon lost at sea
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1891 (Ashton-Sailor)
KEYWORDS: ship sailor death mutiny ghost
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Ashton-Sailor, #86, "Bill Jones" (1 tune)
Roud #17540
Bodleian, Harding B 11(281), "Bill Jones" ("'Twas off the coast of Guinea land"), J. Harkness (Preston), 1840-1866; also Harding B 11(282), J. Harkness; Harding B 11(196)=Firth c.12(305), "Bill Jones," H. Such (London), 1863-1885; Harding B 11(1587), C. Paul (London), n.d.; Firth b.26(70)=Johnson Ballads 657=Johnson Ballads 658, C. Paul (London); Firth b.28(38), unknown, n.d.
File: AshS086

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