Arethusa, The

DESCRIPTION: "Come all ye jolly Sailors bold, Whose hearts are cast in honours mould." The frigate, with two hundred men, fights a French ship with 500 off the French coast. "We fought till not a stick would stand Of the gallant Arethusa" and force the French ashore
AUTHOR: Prince Hoare (1755-1834)? (Source: Bodleian web site; Stone-SeaSongsAndBallads)
EARLIEST DATE: 1891 (Ashton-RealSailorSongs)
KEYWORDS: navy battle
REFERENCES (4 citations):
Ashton-RealSailorSongs, #7 insert, "The Arethusa" (1 text)
Kinsey-SongsOfTheSea, pp. 151-152, "The Arethusa" (1 text, 1 tune)
Stone-SeaSongsAndBallads LXIV, pp. 121-122, "The Arethusa" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: Reginald Nettel, _Seven Centuries of Popular Song_, Phoenix House, 1956, p. 167, "(no title)" (1 partial text)

ST AshS007i (Partial)
Roud #12675
Bodleian, Harding B 28(177), "The Arethusa," W. Armstrong (Liverpool), 1820-1824=Harding B 28(177); also Harding B 11(102); Harding B 11(2502), "The Arethusa," J. Catnach (London), 1813-1838; Harding B 16(188a), "On board of the Arethusa," W. Forth (Bridlington)=Firth c.12(58); Harding B 11(104), J. Harkness (Preston), 1840-1866; Firth c.12(56), H. Such (London), 1863-1885=Harding B 11(103); Harding B 11(1558), W. and T Fordyce, J. Whinham and Co. (Newcastle), c. 1840
File: AshS007i

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