Laird of Dalziel's Leman, The

DESCRIPTION: Dialog between father and daughter. The father laments, "Dool and wae's me, Jenny (x2), That e'er I lived to see that we Dalziel's leman should be." The daughter protests that he swept her off her feet, and points to her son
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1873 (sent by James Hunter to Furnival, according to Lyle)
KEYWORDS: sex father children bastard
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: Emily Lyle, _Fairies and Folk: Approaches to the Scottish Ballad Tradition_, Wissenschaflicher Verlag Trier, 2007, pp, 220-221, "[The Laird of Dalziel's Leman]" (1 text, a very defective version partially recalled by James Hunter)
cf. "When Will Ye Gang Awa'? (Huntingtower)" [Laws O23] (tune, according to Hunter)
File: AdLaDaLe

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