Down By Yon Shady Harbor

DESCRIPTION: "You tender-hearted lover, come listen to my grief, My darling's going to leave me in hopes of no relief." He is bound for America; she begs him to stay, but he is sent off. She sets out for America also, and finds him; they marry
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1957 (Fowke collection)
KEYWORDS: love separation emigration reunion
FOUND IN: Canada(Ont)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Vikár/Panagapka-SongsNorthWoodsSungByOJAbbott 12, "Down By Yon Shady Harbour" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #3830
cf. "Mary Acklin (The Squire's Young Daughter)" [Laws M16] (plot)
NOTES [125 words]: The mention of a "shady harbor" also occurs in versions of "Mary Acklin (The Squire's Young Daughter)" [Laws M16], which also features two lovers separated. But, in that song, it is because of her father, and Mary is a squire's daughter. In this song, the father does not enter in, and the girl (still named Mary) is a servant. The ring which motivates the plot is also missing from this song.
On the other hand, the text of this song as collected from O. J. Abbott is a bit confused: Did Willy go to America voluntarily, or was he forced away? Different lines give different answers. On the whole, I think this song a derivative of "Mary Acklin," but just different enough that I have agreed with Roud in splitting them. But best to see both songs. - RBW
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