All Through the Rain and Squally Weather

DESCRIPTION: Alternate lines are a chorus, "Hay ay ay/blow my bully boy, blow my blow." The shantyman sings "Squall in the morning, squall in the evening." "Guinea Nigger to feed black nigger... blow your fibre [?] from Antigua." "Here she come with a cargo color."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1974 (Abrahams-WIShanties)
KEYWORDS: shanty sailor sea ship whale whaler Black(s)
FOUND IN: West Indies(St Vincent)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Abrahams-WIShanties, pp. 71-73, "All Through the Rain and Squally Weather" (1 text, 1 tune)
NOTES [136 words]: Abrahams quotes a blackfish whaler, "When the weather is squally and we taken fish, we have one that we are sing, 'All through the rain and squally weather.' We call the blackfish 'Guinea Nigger' to feed black nigger, and we does sing about that."
There are lines that seem to have floated from "Blow Boys Blow (I)." For example,
"All Through the Rain and Squally Weather": "She came in rimmin' the water... Sandfly leg and mosquito liver"
"Blow Boys Blow (I) - Lewin, Rock It Come Over: "The captain ask me what for dinner... say san' fly leg and mosquita liver"
"All Through the Rain and Squally Weather": "Big Florita run down the river... She went down the river to hunt Guinea Nigger"
"Blow Boys Blow (I)" - Terry-Shanty1: "A Yankee ship came down the river ... Her masts and yards they shine like silver" - BS
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