Train on the Island (June Apple/June Appal)

DESCRIPTION: Floating verses, "Train on the island, thought I heard it blow, Go tell my true love, I'm sick and I can't go." "Train on the island, listen to it squeal, Go and tell my true love how happy I do feel." Verses mostly about courting and separation
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1927 (recording, J. P. Nestor)
KEYWORDS: courting separation floatingverses separation abandonment nonballad music
REFERENCES (2 citations):
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cf. "Going Across the Sea" (floating lyrics)
NOTES [27 words]: As a rule of thumb, this seems to be called "Train on the Island" when it is sung but "June Appal" when played as a fiddle tune. There are exceptions, of course. - RBW
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