Ally Ally Oxen Free

DESCRIPTION: "Time to let the rain fall without the help of man, Time to let the trees grow tall, now if they only can, Time to let our children live in a land that's free." Time to let the world be at peace: "Ally ally oxen free"
AUTHOR: Words: Rod McKuen
EARLIEST DATE: 1864 (recording, Kingston Trio)
KEYWORDS: campsong
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Averill-CampSongsFolkSongs, p. 541, "Ally Ally Oxen Free" (notes only)

NOTES [43 words]: "Ally ally oxen free" (variously spelled) is of course the children's cry saying that a round of a game (say, Hide and Seek) is over and those who are in hiding may return safely. Hence Rod McKuen's use of it as a phrase to call people to live in safety. - RBW
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