Everybody Loves Saturday Night

DESCRIPTION: "Everybody Loves Saturday Night," repeated in various foreign languages
EARLIEST DATE: 1953 (recording, Percy Faith and his orchestra)
KEYWORDS: foreignlanguage nonballad campsong
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Silber/Silber-FolksingersWordbook, p. 334, "Ecerybody Loves Saturday Night" (1 text)
Averill-CampSongsFolkSongs, p. 489, "Everybody Loves Saturday Night" (notes only)

NOTES [77 words]: Folklore has it that this song originated in Nigeria when the Nigerian government of the time, for whatever reason, tried force people to stay at home on Saturday. This song was the result, and then people started adding translations in other languages. Pete Seeger apparently gathered a lot of these. But I've also seen a claim that it was written by Art Podell and first recorded by Percy Faith and his orchestra in 1953 with a bunch of non-folk singers. - RBW
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