Baby's Boat's a Silver Moon (The Slumber Boat)

DESCRIPTION: "Baby's boat's a silver moon, sailing on the sky, Baby's wishing for a dream as the stars go by. Sail, Baby, sail, Out across the sea. Only don't forget to sail home again to me." "Baby's fishing for a dream, Fishing near and far,..."
AUTHOR: Words: Alice C. Riley / Music: Jessie L. Gaynor (source: Jim Dixon on thread "Lyr Req: Baby's Boat / Slumber Boat (lullaby)")
EARLIEST DATE: 1898 (source: Jim Dixon on thread "Lyr Req: Baby's Boat / Slumber Boat (lullaby)")
KEYWORDS: baby lullaby nonballad ship campsong
REFERENCES (3 citations):
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Roud #22411
Gypsy Loves the Open Road (cf. Averill-CampSongsFolkSongs, p. 333)
File: ACSF191B

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