Campfire Prayer

DESCRIPTION: "For nights with stars: For paths, for paths to follow, And for the hills, the hills to climb; For love to cast Its glow in deeply shadowed places... for all these wonderfully glorious things, We thank thee, Lord, we thank thee, thank thee, Lord"
AUTHOR: Words: Rowe Wright (soource: Zander/Klusmann-CampSongsPopularEdition)
EARLIEST DATE: 1938 (Zander/Klusmann-CampSongsNThings)
KEYWORDS: religious campsong
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Averill-CampSongsFolkSongs, pp. 188, 195, "Camp Fire Prayer" (notes only)
Zander/Klusmann-CampSongsNThings, p. 93, "Campfire Prayer" (1 text, 1 tune)
Zander/Klusmann-CampSongsPopularEdition,, p. 52, "Campfire Prayer" (1 text, tune referenced)

cf. "Danny Boy (The Londonderry Air)" (tune) and references there
NOTES [47 words]: Zander and Klusmann's two editions list this to different tunes; Zander/Klusmann-CampSongsPopularEdition lists it to "Danny Boy," but Zander/Klusmann-CampSongsNThings lists it as being to "The Tender Apple Blossoms." The tune they print is pretty close to "Danny Boy," though. - RBW
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