Dreaming of a Little Cabin

DESCRIPTION: "In dreams of yesterday I wandered Back to my little cabin door." The singer sees familiar faces and places and hears familiar music. He is a homeless orphan "Since Mother left the old homestead."
AUTHOR: Albert E. Brumley (source: Brumley-LamplitinTimeInTheValley)
EARLIEST DATE: 1940 ("Pearly Gates," according to Brumley-LamplitinTimeInTheValley)
KEYWORDS: home mother
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Brumley-LamplitinTimeInTheValley 36, "Dreaming of a Little Cabin" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #V46935
Wade Mainer, "Dreaming of a Little Cabin" (King 1035)
Mac Wiseman, "Dreaming of a Little Cabin" (Dot 1092)

NOTES [20 words]: Albert E. Brumley seems to have had several closely-linked obsession: mother, a cabin, and nauseating sentimentality. - RBW
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