VIP Program Student Information


You must be of Junior class standing in the semester that you apply.  

  1. Must be a student in the following areas of study:

    Civil Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    Computer Science
    Construction Management 
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering 
    Industrial Technology 

  2. Both regular and international students are eligible.
  3. Must participate in the formal interview process by member companies.
  4. Must participate in two, six month internships at the member companies.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Any student currently attending Fresno State or transferring to Fresno State can apply to the VIP program.
  2. As a practical matter, the program selects from the best applicants that demonstrate an ability to be productive employees at one or more of the companies participating in the program. This is best shown by getting involved in student clubs and projects!
  3. Applicants with little or no professional work experience are encouraged to apply.

Applications are handled in much the same way as you find in the open employment market. Each company will commit to hiring a number of students. This is equivalent to having an open position in the company. The students apply to participate in the program. They are interviewed. Then, the industry members will select the most qualified candidates to fill those positions.

What Do I Have to Gain?


As with all gainful employment, the students are paid a competitive salary. They are paid in accordance with their educational level. Students that are in their first year in the program are paid a little less than students in the second year. For many students, a semester "off" to work and earn some money is a major incentive to join the program.

Job Experience

  • The VIP program is a great way to get that first job.
  • It looks great on your resume.
  • The program extends your education by, essentially, getting your first year of real employment under your belt, while you're still in school.
  • You graduate from the University with one year of real work experience, in your chosen field, on your resume.


The VIP program helps to complete the students education by giving first hand experience in working on real engineering projects for a real employer. The lab is great, the classes and books are great, but there's nothing like working in a engineering department. Employers look for people with experience and this program gives students a full year of employment working in their chosen field.