Student Comments

Words from Student Interns

Rekha Dayalu

Major: Computer Science Class
Standing: Graduate
Years in Program: 1 Semester Completed... 1 to go! Company: E & J Gallo Winery

Comments: The Internship at Gallo Winery was a very rewarding experience. I got to learn so much that I feel I would probably have not learnt that much in a span of 6 months if I were in school. The people at IS Department, Gallo, are very knowledgeable and very friendly. I feel great about this whole VIP program and thanks to the Executive Director for being so helpful.

Davebo Rodrigues

Major: Computer Engineering
Class Standing: Senior
Years in Program: 1 semester completed...1 to go!
Company: Pelco

Comments: I did learn a lot about my major and various technologies. It was a very good experience! The people were awesome to work with and they extended all possible support.

Mary Mesri

Major: Industrial Engineering
Class Standing: Senior
Years in Program: 2 years
Company: Pelco, CertainTeed

Comments: I learned a lot about my major and various technologies. The hands on experience was very valuable. Overall it was a great experience. I would recommend that all engineering students have at least one internship before they graduate. The people I worked with were all very very nice and they were very supportive and helpful.

Raul Valerie

Raul Valerie, Student Intern, at CertainTeedMajor: Electrical Engineer
Class Standing: Senior
Company: PG&E and CertainTeed

Comments: There’s no better feeling than seeing your project finished and working as it should.

Julie Yoshida

Julie Yoshida, Student InternMajor: Mechanical Engineering
Class Standing: Junior
Years in Program: Senior Intern in VIP Program/Four years in ME program
Company: Sunrise Medical, Fresno, California

Comments: I had a wonderful experience working at Sunrise Medical. The engineers and designers encouraged me to learn about the different areas of designing. The project that I was assigned for my internship had me working with 3D Solid Modeling Software but I was also able to learn more information about manufacturing from those who build the specialized wheelchairs first hand. This was a learning experience that I would not have learned in a classroom.

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