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Welcome to VIP

On behalf of the Valley Industry Partnership for Cooperative Education (VIP) Program, I would like to thank you for visiting our website. The VIP Program is a unique partnership between leading valley companies and the University to provide internship opportunities for qualified students. Whether you are a potential intern or a company wanting to find out more about the opportunities this program offers for you, please access the links in the left column to learn more.

Nell Papavasiliou
Valley Industry Partnership Director
Phone: (559) 278 - 3965
(559) 278 - 8240
Fax: (559) 278 - 6297

Program Goals

The Valley Industrial Partnership was formed as a cooperative effort between Fresno State and a number of local companies.  The main goal of the program is to provide a richer, more well rounded, educational experience for engineering students.  This is done by giving the students an opportunity to work in a real-world engineering environment.

This program is very similar to the internship programs that you find in other disciplines.  Internship programs help to give students a more focused outlook on what the demands of the profession are in the "real" world.  This complements the work that they do in the classroom by giving the classes a real context.  They learn that the things being taught have real applications.

University Benefits

The program provides many benefits to the University:

  • A better understanding of the requirements of local businesses.
  • A better education for the students.
  • Feedback from local industry members regarding the ability and quality of the students the University is producing.