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Student Success

Dear Student,

Careers in engineering and construction management are very rewarding. Engineers and construction managers are challenged with developing creative ways to build and design the world around us. Through advanced design and development of physical infrastructure, mechanical, electrical and electronic systems daily activities of life become more convenient and efficient, while energy and material resources become more sustainable for future generations.

At Fresno State the Lyles College of Engineering provides the educational opportunities to become a successful professional engineer or construction manager. The College prides itself on providing the tools for students to become professionals who impact society in a positive way - by designing and building systems that benefit us all.

From a financial point of view, earning a degree from the Lyles College of Engineering is a sound investment with an excellent rate of return. Tuition and fees for the Fresno State are affordable compared to most Universities and with the combined low-cost living options in the Central Valley, primarily Fresno, CA, students often graduate with little or no debt. Moreover, the life-long earning potential of professional engineers and construction managers is many times greater than the total cost of education. Engineering and construction management students often have part-time jobs and have opportunities to receive scholarships and internships - making their financial picture even brighter. 

To fully develop your potential as a student and succeed as a professional engineer or construction manager, it is important to have a sound technical background in your area of specialty as well as excellent communication and leadership skills. The College provides the resources for you to achieve this, including: excellent faculty, relevant and updated curriculum that reflects the needs of the profession, hands-on equipment and laboratories, academic advising, internship and research opportunities, and professional and career development.

The faculty, administration and staff in Lyles College of Engineering are committed to make the best effort possible in their corresponding roles to help you succeed.

Therefore, it is expected that you, as a student, put forward your best effort possible. Some simple general recommendations to follow:

Be Prepared

Anticipate and Plan

Study and Reflect on Material Presented in Class

Complete and Submit Assignments and Projects on Time

Manage your Time

Form Study and Project Groups

Take Advantage of Tutorials and Supplementary Instruction

Consult with Faculty and Peers for Clarification of Questions

Get involved in Student Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Develop Some Professional Experience While Student

Best of luck, 

Dr. Jesus Larralde 
Associate Dean
Lyles College of Engineering