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Computer Labs and Software 

Available software for all Lyles College of Engineering students at no cost for download
and install on personal Laptops or Computers.

*ALWAYS* use fresno state email address to access or register!

Licensed software for student use on personal devices: 

Bentley Institute Suite MATLAB

MATLAB Tools and Plugins
Respondus Lockdown Browser
for Fresno State
LabView and Multisim
Note: Download the "Educational" version of the software. The student install serial
number is updated each September.
Office 365, Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, and more.

TutorTIMS software

Science Virtual Labs - Strength of Materials  

Open source or free software:

Arduino HEC-HMS

PDF Creator

Autodesk, AutoCAD, Civil3D,
Revit, and more.
ELECTRIC VLSI Java JRE (Needed for Netbeans) Python 3
EPANET LTSPICE Quartus II Web 13.1
FlexSim Netbeans 8.2 C/C++ Quartus Prime Lite 16.1
HEC-geoHMS Oracle Primavera P6 Sketchup Free (web)
HEC-geoRAS Parallax Basic Stamp Editor WinSCP