The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,  The program has been continuously accredited since 1965.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering program


To provide a broad-based, practice-oriented Mechanical Engineering education that enables graduates to become technically proficient, professional leaders through engagement in the community and lifelong learning.


Program Educational Objectives

Our alumni (within 3 to 5 years after graduation) will:

  1. Be engaged in a professional career of graduate studies using knowledge and skills obtained in their ME education;
  2. Become leaders and effective communicators actively involved in their community for the betterment of society.

Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering program, students will be able to:

a. Apply fundamental concepts of mathematics to problems in engineering applications
b. Apply fundamental concepts of science to solve problems in engineering applications
c. Apply analytical skills to solve engineering problems
d. Conduct experiments, analyze data, and present results
e. Apply the knowledge gained to design a component or a system that meets the specific criteria
f. Work on multi-disciplinary group projects to enhance in interpersonal and leadership skills
g. Understand the importance of ethical and professional responsibility
h. Make an effective oral presentation of ideas on engineering design solutions
i. Prepare and present technical information effectively in a report/document form
j. Communicate with others effectively in a team/group setting
k. Incorporate economic, environmental, and safety considerations in a design process
l. Conduct independent research for information required in engineering problem solving
m. Be award of the need for participation in technical and professional societies for professional growth
n. Understand the need for life-long learning experience via advanced studies and/or professional registration
o. Gain an understanding of global issues related to engineering

ME Enrollment Data