Faculty/Staff Information
Faculty Photo Nagy Bengiamin                                                             Ph.D., University of Calgary, Canada
Control Systems, Robotics, Power Systems
Office: Engineering East 254A             Email: bengiami@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.8339
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Faculty Photo Daniel Bukofzer                                                                     Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Signal Processing, Wireless Communications
Office: Engineering East 273                                                 Email: danielbu@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.4416
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Faculty Photo Tarek Elarabi                                                                 Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Image and Video Processing, Computer Architecture, VLSI, IoT, Computer Networking
Office: Engineering East 298                                                 Email: telarabi@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.4823
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Faculty Photo Young Wook Kim                                                             Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
RF Electronics, Microwaves
Office: Engineering East 268                                                 Email: youngkim@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.4629
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Faculty Photo Peter Kinman                                                                 Ph.D., University of Southern California
Communications and Signal Processing
Office: Engineering East 278                                                 Email: pkinman@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.2726
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Faculty Photo Gregory Kriehn                                                                       Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Optoelectronics, Optical Signal Processing
Office: Engineering East 258                                               Email: gkriehn@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.8811
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Faculty Photo Hovannes Kulhandjian                                                           Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Communications and Networking 
Office: Engineering East 260                                                 Email: hkulhandjian@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.3965
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Faculty Photo Zoulikha Mouffak                                                                   Ph.D., University of Houston
Solid State Devices, 
Semiconductor IC Process Technology
Office: Engineering East   294                                               Email: zmouffak@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.8874
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Faculty Photo Woonki Na                                                                     Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington
Power Electronics, Power 
Systems and Control Systems
Office: Engineering East 262                                                 Email: wkna@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.4824
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Faculty Photo Ram Nunna                                                                       Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
VLSI, Computer Architecture, Digital Systems
Office: Engineering East 124                                                 Email: rnunna@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.8111
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Faculty Photo Reza Raeisi                                                                           Ph.D., University of Cincinnati                                           Department Chair
Embedded Systems, VLSI
Testing, and Design-for-Testability
Office: Engineering East 266                                                 Email: rraeisi@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.6038
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Faculty Photo Nan Wang                                                                             Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, SOC/NOC Communication, VLSI and Cyber-physical systems
Office: Engineering East 264                                                 Email: nwang@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.4415
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Staff Photo Ron Hunt                                                                                           B.S., California State University, Fresno                                 Communications, Automated Control Systems
Office: Engineering East 288                                                 Email: ronh@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.2759
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Staff Photo Helen Martinez
Academic Services Lead
Office: Engineering East 254                                                 Email: helenma@csufresno.edu
Phone: 559.278.2726                                                            Fax: 559.278.6297