Our Programs

An Overview

ecovillageWe aren't "contractors," although you can become one, we aren't "architects," although you can become one, we aren't "framers" or "surveyors" or "electricians," we are the PROFESSIONALS that manage the entire construction project. A Bachelors of Science Degree in Construction Management is the beginning of your future as a leader within the construction industry.

Program Admission Requirements

Generally, first-time freshman applicants will qualify for regular admission if they meet the following requirements: (1) they have graduated from high school, have earned a Certificate of General Education Development (GED), or have passed the California High School Proficiency Examination; (2) they have a qualifiable minimum eligibility index table; and (3) they have completed with grades of C or better each of the courses in the comprehensive pattern of college preparatory subject requirements (see Subject Requirements).

Details of all requirements can be found at this link.