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The Fresno State Department of Construction Management is proud to have our academic programs accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). The mission of the ACCE is to "be a leading global advocate of quality construction education; and to promote, support, and accredit quality construction education programs." Our students benefit from this by knowing that they are receiving a quality education in construction, and the construction industry and company owners are happy to know that their future workforce has a solid academic foundation to propel their careers in construction. Periodically, our program must go through a reaccreditation process with ACCE in order to demonstrate continual progress and improvement in our program. 

To obtain more information on the American Council for Construction Education, please click here to be directed to their website. 

Construction Management Quality Improvement Plan

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The Department aligns the Assessment Plan & Assessment Implementation Plan with the university-wide Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (SOAP)

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