Last Updated: Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Author(s) Title Author(s) Title
Session 1A Experiential Learing I (Project Courses) Session 1B Instrumentation and Lab Studies
  Configuration of Senior Capstone Course Using Team-Teaching to Maximize Communication Skills and Minimize Team Conflict   Implementation of Education Particle Image Velocimetry Suites in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Experiements
  Investigation of a Masters Research Project for Validation of Program's Goals and Student Learning Outcomes   Multiple Human Tracking using UWB Radar with Target Signatures
  Developing a Low Cost Prosthetic Foot for the Vida Nueva Clinic: A Multidisciplinary Senior Design Project   Communications Laboratory with Commercial Test and Training Instrument
Session 2A Experiential Learing II (Teaching Practices) Session 2B Educational Techniques
  A Truss By Any Other Name May Still Not Be a Truss: A 'Do-Say' Pedagogical Laboratory Exercise   Effectively Utilizing Industry Members to Assess Student Learning Outcomes in a Senior Project Course
  Embedded System Data Logging   Implementation of Situational Leadership in Engineering Classrooms
  Accident Reconstruction: A Model-Eliciting Activity in Dynamics   Effectiveness of Using Visualization in Construction Education
Session 3A Experiential Learing III (Service Learning) Session 3B Interdisciplinary Innovations
  Service Learning Project in a Multidisciplinary Renewable Energy Engineering Course   Pathways to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Opportunities via Academic Success and Internships
  On Exploring the Connection between Hispanic Engineering Students' Educational Goals and Communal Obligations: For Project-Based Learning through Community Engagement   Structural Engineering for Architecture and Construction Management Students
  Projects Integrating Sustainability and STEM Outreach   Creating a Learning Community amoung Financially Needy Diverse STEM Students
Session 4A Retention & Outreach Session 4B Computers in Engineering
  Strengthening the STEM Pipeline through an Intensive Math Placement Test Review Program   Student Usage and Assessments of the Benefits of On-Line Access to Lecture Recordings with Synchornized Presentation Slides
  Transforming Engineering Education through Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at MUSE   Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Classroom Applications
  Building Engineers and Mentors   Cost-Effective Integration of USB-Tablet Model into Engineering Courses
  An Aerospace Engineering Summer Camp for High School Students   A Method for Adjusting Group-Based Grades
  Poster Session    
  College Freshman Engineering Project Participation and Academic Achievement in Core Engineering Coursework: A Pilot Study