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49th Annual Geomatics Conference - Another Success!

The 49th Annual Geomatics Engineering Conference was held on January 28-30, 2010 at the Clovis Memorial District conference facility. This annual event is organized and run by the Geomatics Engineering students. Total attendance was 250. Congratulations to conference co-chairs Dave Biswanger and Keith Ream and the entire conference staff. Especially noteworthy efforts were turned in by Pa Vang who managed a flawless registration effort, JR Gregory who generated exceptional scholarship support, Dan Cerda who organized an excellent speaker program, Jacob Andresen who attracted and managing a nice array of exhibitors and Bessie Young for generating six Bulldog sponsorships in just 4 hours.

Gerry Miller provided an LSIT review on Thursday afternoon, while speaker Steve Parish covered the intricacies of Double Corners in a separate room. The Joint NCS-ACSM and SJV-CLSA dinner Thursday night featured some great Clovis barbeque. Then Steve Parish provided a wonderful talk about “Finding Corners”.

Friday Morning, the speakers and their audiences scattered to five different venues. Simultaneously, the exhibit hall opened in the spacious (nearly 6500 square feet) exhibits area. The fine array of corporations, venders and professional groups present catered to the needs of every attendee.

CLSA scholarship awards totaling $27, 250 were distributed by Steve Martin (representing the CLSA Education Foundation) with the help of numerous representatives from the various chapters across the state. The League of California Surveying Organizations provided $2,100. Mike Hartley (Representing the Ed Kulhan Scholarship Committee) with the help of a wide array of donors, distributed $36,875. The combined total was $66,225. A hearty thanks to all contributors.

The banquet was Friday evening. Ryan Ferris presented equipment support paperweight awards (specially etched glass prisms) to: Hans Haselbach, California Surveying and Drafting Supply, Surveyors Service Company, Trimble, SECO and Towill, Inc. The specific support included: a wonderful array of ten new EDM reflectors and equipment loans that include five total stations of which one was robotic, four GPS receivers and a digital scanner.

Dr. James Crossfield (coordinator of Geomatics Engineering program) awarded Dave Biswanger the "Coordinators Trophy." The four most recent GME Life Alumni members: Dave Scheel, Jason Fong, Dave Biswanger and Marshall Fargen were given plaques. A large (1.5 ft. by 4.0 ft.) mock check (designed by Iley Ballinger) made out for $1,000,000 was presented, representing the amount of scholarship support provided to our Geomatics Engineering and Surveying Engineering students in the last 25 years. Dean Michael Jenkins addressed the crowd for about five minutes, demonstrating, among other things, his detailed knowledge about the origins of engineering at Fresno State and the value he placed on our unique Geomatics Engineering program. The Dean was followed by professional comedian named Don McMillan, whose 30 minute routine was sensational.

"The Dog Race" followed the entertainment. Leading from start to finish was Kieth Nofield’s entry, winning Keith the $1,200 Schoenstedt magnetic locator. Next year is Conference #50. While an exact theme has not yet been adopted, I anticipate something like “California Gold”. Do not miss next year because there will never be another "50th CSU, Fresno Geomatics Engineering Conference."

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