CSET Test Preparation Workshops

Foundation Level Mathematics CSET

The Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) will be sponsoring a series of test preparation workshops for the Foundational Level Mathematics CSET exam. Please click here for further information.

Noyce Scholars working on a math problem

Science CSET

SMEC and MSTI will also be co-sponsoring a series of test prep courses for the science CSET exam. Please click here for further information.

Executive Corner


Science and Math Credential Students

SMEC provides a range of support services and structures for future science and mathematics teachers during their period of study as Credential Students. SMEC provides counseling and advising, special placement in schools for early and final student teaching, financial support for eligible students, and an array of programs; including summer research opportunities, special workshops, and institutes designed to augment content knowledge and the understanding and application of effective pedagogy. Credential students are encouraged to become part of a growing online learning community with access a vast wealth of online resources and with connections to hundreds of other science and math credential students in the state. SMEC works collaboratively with the Kremen School of Education in assuring that students are given every opportunity to achieve success and obtain the teaching credential.