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Essential website for CSUF premed students

Premed Student Essential Forms 

Forms Include:

Instructions for Having Letters of Recommendations Sent to Medical Schools

Sample of AMCAS Letter Request Form

Form A: Letter of Recommendation Request

Form B: Letters to
Be Sent to AMCAS

Form C: Letter to Be Mailed Directly to Schools (Non-AMCAS)

Pre-Medical Student Waiver Form

List of AMCAS and Non-AMCAS Schools




This page provides links to a wide variety of online resources for students considering or planning a career as a physician.  The California State University, Fresno Premed website offers a comprehensive overview of medical school preparation. Be sure to also review the pre-medical prerequisites page and take note of the Essential Student Pre-Med Forms link to the right of this paragraph.

Also available is information regarding diversity in the medical professions, admission requirements to medical school, the MCAT – (Medical College Admission Test), and the Medical School Application Service (MSAR) as well as links to summer academic enrichment programs, on-the-job training, and a one-unit elective research course. (A copy of the MCAT and the MSAR is available to read in the Science and Health Careers Information Center.)

Pre-Medical Resource Links